Did you miss me? *I* sure did!

All hail the prodigal blogger, for she returns in a glorious rain of, um… rain. It was raining today, so I stayed inside mostly, and did self-sufficienty house-type things, and oh BY THE WAY I have internet connected to my HOUSE now – the sum of which is tada!! Me here in your face. Poor you. Oh well.


This is what I have done so far today:

(I am sure it will look much less productive when I write it down. Perhaps I should abstain so I can keep my gloriously successful-at-pottering-about glow… lets give it a GO, shall we??)

Used my new CAST IRON* camp oven on my woodfire/stove to make a lentil/potato curry thing. Ate some of.

Used my new cast iron camp oven to make rice and vegetables to feed my dog. Did not eat some of.

Started simmering some soap nuts in water to make liquid soap.

Made a batch of sugar stuff with which to “wax” my legs (I haven’t dabbled in the dramas of hair removal for oh, a goodly couple of years now, because duh, I am perfect as I am, but lately I’ve been thinking it might be fun to tear all my leg hair out by the roots, just for kicks, so…. sugar wax it is)

*Mid post note – I had a short argument with my cat today when he leapt onto my keyboard mid-me-doing-something-vaguely-important. I hauled him off but ha, he wins because he took the “i” key with him as he was hauled away and nabbit, I cannot find the thing now. So this post is a bit tricky to type, although I am getting used to it. It will turn up soon, surely? END OF MID POST NOTE*

Tidied up the house somewhat. Messed it up again. You know how it goes.

Organised a new book shelf area so all my books are organised TIDILY now, with some of them even being in vague categories!! I know!! Thrills!!

Boiled some eggs. See, all of this seemed much more impressive when I was looking back upon it vaguely wth just my brain. I think it feels more productive to cook stuff on the woodstove because… well, you know. It’s wood. And fire. So. Anyway it just does. I BOILED SOME EGGS! RAWR!!

Fetched wood in from the woodtanks. And fetched an egg. Singular. What’s up with that, chookies??

Okay, now I am starting to sound a bit pathetic. Perhaps I was not so productive after all, but only if you’re comparing it to a productive day (which would have included weeding and slashing lupins and mulching trees and carrying lots more wood) when IN FACT, it was quite productive for a mooching around inside on the internet because it is raining and I don’t want to get out of my pyjamas kind of day. So there. Oh, I had a shower too. Which is not a daily thing for me, so it counts as an EVENT.


Oh ALSO, I just remembered!! I have a freezer now, thanks to the kindness of strangers (or handsome men who used to be strangers but aren’t really anymore, teehee, girlish giggles and so forth). So today I plugged it in, whch SOUNDS EASY but wasn’t really, because it is outside in the garden shed, which doesn’t have a plug, but the garage does, which is next door to the garden shed, so I fed an extension cord over the top of the dividing wall and pushed it an appropriate distance through and uncoiled the rest and climbed down off the garden bench and trekked past/over all the junk on the floor (it’s good junk. Wormfarms and styrofoam boxes and so on) to plug the freezer in, and then reversing the whole process because I had pushed the wrong end thorugh into the garage. Shame. Especially considering that I DOUBLE CHECKED to make sure I was sending the right end though for the express purpose of not having to do what I then did, but hey. And eventually my freezer was plugged in (I cleaned it first! Also counts as something) and I put some water bottles in it and lo. I am civilised once again. I can have ICE. And frozen bananas! And ooh! A week’s worth of ground flaxseed! Thrills and chills.**


* I am excited about my new CAST IRON camp oven; can you tell? I constantly lust after cast iron cookware but have only a couple of pieces myself, and never a big pot/oven… until NOW. Yay for THAT. Also due to the kindness of ex-strangers. Ex-stranger. Whatever.


** See what I did there?


No pictures for you!!

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