The hills are aliiiiiiiiiiive…. with the SOUND of springtiiiiiime….

So there I was, mooching around the garden after pruning some grape vines, checking the trees over to see what needed pruning immediately. Lots of broken branches and crossed wood, ooh look at that one, mm there’s another one there, which should I try first? mmm maybe I better try to get that netting off again…

There was bird netting left over one tree, that must have been there a goodly while because some fairly serious branches had grown through it, making it a right pain to remove without pruning everything off as I went, which I didn’t want to do. I’ve had a couple of half hearted goes and given up each time, and I figured today would be another half hearted go followed by another rueful giving up. I set about trying to disentangle the net, again, talking to the tree while I did so. “Oh, sorry about that, here if you just… yes, exactly, that’s great, oh, this bit is caught… I wonder when you’ll start budding…” and LO and BEHOLD not only is the tree budding, but it has actual flowers on it!! Well, the regrowthy tree bit does, not the big original bit. But still! It’s awake! So this led me to two conclusion: 1) I will definitely get that net off today no matter how difficult it is and 2) Probably other trees are budding too and I just haven’t noticed!!


So I did finally get the net off, with a few hasty prunings at the end as I lost my patience with teetering on top of an upturned crate with twigs in my face and catching my hair every 20 seconds and the wind blowing the net right back onto different branches as soon as I managed to untangle a couple.

And then I went on a bud hunt!

Complete with corny rendition of “I’m going on a BUD hunt, going on a BUD hunt, I’m not scared! I’M not scared! Gonna see a BIG one, gonna see a BIG one” and so on. Moose looked at me a bit oddly as I stomped through the orchard on my hunt, but I found: lots more buds on quite a few trees, and ACTUAL FLOWERS on another big one (possibly an apple    EDIT: actually probably not an apple). I had a bit of a mooch around just introducing myself to the trees I hadn’t really met yet ands making guesses as what fruit they will eventually bear, but apart from the really obvious ones (ie has mummified peaches still on the branches from last year) I am a bit clueless really. I have a hunch on a couple, but I shall have to wait until fruitset to see if I‘m right. I don’t have much experience with fruit trees really so I’m viewing the next couple of years as an apprenticeship of sorts. Exciting times!!

I can’t believe I have Real Live Actual Genuine Bonafide FRUITING TREES in my yard, that I can wander outside anytime I want and look at and laugh because hey! That loquat looks nearly ripe! And there are hundreds of them!! And I wonder if I’ll get any chestnuts!! And the fig tree will look so cool when it leafs up!! And there’s an orange on the ground!! My Personal Orange!! Concerts and parties don’t float my boat but put me in a garden in springtime and I will get a serious groove on.

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