Long time no post.

I know, I know. I am truly abysmal at keeping this blog up to date.  The past two or three times I have been in town with access to a computer I have been fully INTENDING to post, but left it to the last minute when invariably there was a power failure or internet issue that kept me from doing so. So you’d think that this time I would have done it as soon as I got online but no, I duly procrastinated this time also, and luckily no mishaps have prevented me (so far) from now posting this. Which so far is a pretty rubbish post really, but lets hope it improves somewhat as we go on.

Ah, it has improved already. It just needed a goodly dose of sleepy cuteness. Or perhaps, TWO goodly doses.

They are like, “What? Any food? Just a photo? Psh. Back to snoozin”

Like so.

In other news (actually, the only news, so far, in this whole post) I have been trying to get my houseyard slashed back to short grass or mulched garden beds because it is snake season now!

I know it is snake season because I was standing barefoot in ankle high capeweed when I saw a snake slither through and around the legs of one Startled Moose about 10 feet ahead of me. He jumped backwards twice looking very surprised before I realised that it was in fact a snake and not, as I initially thought, a goanna (cause I have goannas at my new house dontcha know) and called him away. He actually came, which made a nice change, and then we both hot footed it to bare ground where I could see where I was walking.

 So barefoot wander days are over for this year, le sigh, unless I can get some serious slashing and clearing done. The houseyard will still be a Barefoot Zone, although perhaps not in the middle of a sunny day considering the amount of bees around at the moment. A billion.

I was stung by a bee while mowing the lawn one day, on my left foot. Must have stepped on one. Oh well. What’s one bee sting? (apart from the poor bee who gave his life in vain). I did some more lawn mowing in a less bee-populated area without further incident. The next day I went to cut some long grass with my scissors, to use as mulch on a new garden bed. The very first handful I grabbed apparently had a bee hidden in it, and lo, I was stung once again. Left hand.  I laughed all the way back to the house to get some bicarb to put on it. Because one sting is annoying, but two is quite amusing, really, apart from the pain factor.

So, quite sensibly, I put a GLOVE in my left grass-grabbing hand, and finished the cutting quite uninjured. i was still barefoot though, because it was such a lovely warm day. The very last two armfuls of hay/grass that I was tossing onto the new garden bed, I somehow kind of stubbed my toe on a bee??? And was stung this time on the TOP of my left foot, which I have never had happen before.

This of course put me in a fit of helpless giggles because haha THREE beestings in two days haha is quite hilarious ow ow ow. But then I went to have a cup of tea and a book because really, enough is enough.

And will I wear shoes from now on when i mow the lawn?? I don’t know. There’s a 50/50 chance either way, in my opinion. Sensible is not my middle name.

My picnic area. That’s right. An actual picnic area in my backyard. Who’s the coolest? Me, obviously. Further evidence that I am the coolest? My obsessive kindling shed. Have a twig, everyone. I have plenty.

And this little guy I actually ran over with my lawn mower, but he didn’t care, cause he’s so tough. and also i think my pushmower is maybe less dangerous than motor mowers. but I could be biased. All I know is I ran over him, and he jumped out the other side. So. I recommend you get a push mower. For the awesome.

Possibly the best photo I have ever taken in my life, incidentally. Total fluke, but high five to me!

And lastly, I have the best moon rises. View from the sofa on my back verandah.

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