Spending for August

$90 Diesel for my van

$14.30 Groceries (2kg flour, dry egg-type noodles, dried figs and cherries, 6-pack of toilet paper)

$20  Phone credit


That is all for August. I didn’t spend one cent on anything else at all. As you can see, diesel is my biggest expense, but as I moved two hours drive away from every single person I know… not much I can do about that right now.  The dried figs and cherries were for a friend of mine, and are not a usual expense. The toilet paper and the noodles should both last a couple of months, and one day I hope to stop buying flour altogether and grind my own instead.  And of course I could be making my own noodles, but that’s on my longer-term to-do list.

How much did you spend in August?

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