No Electricity

***This post written a couple of weeks ago now***


I arrived home the other day, and set about unpacking the van, before feeding my lonely cats and apologising for being away so long. I took a quick look around the garden to see what was new (not much) and then scurried inside out of the rain. Decided it was dark enough to justify turning the kitchen light on to start cooking, so switched it on while I ferreted through my “fridge” for vegetables that needed to be used Right Away. And then!! Drama, intrigue, suspense!!! The light went out. Electricity failure.

Excellent. My first New House power outage. How would it affect my highly technological life? How would I cope? Well. Instead of the kitchen light, I lit a candle. Ha, dinner by candlelight. It was just about bright enough to see which parts of the veges to put in the soup and which to compost. I cooked the soup on top of the woodfire in the loungeroom so no real difference there. Water pressure was down a little in the taps because the pump was obviously off, which gave me the answer to a question I’d been wondering for a while: namely, would the house still have water if I switched the pump off? Answer: Yes. Excellent. Although if the answer had been no, I would still have had water. I would just have had to trek outside to the tank to fetch it myself. Which I do often anyway, because I don’t want to use the electricity for the pump. As a sidenote,  I’m looking forward to getting my first electric bill. How low can I go? I’ll let you know.

Usually in the evenings I would read, and lately I have been using the electric light to do so, but for the first week or so here I just read by candlelight so it was easy to enough to go back to that for the evening. I have a little booklight that I use as a torch during the night if I need to get up (to tell the possum on the verandah to give up and go away, for instance) so actually? Pretty much nil effect, except that it was ever so slightly less convenient to cook with just a candle for light. But quite fun.

That’s the upside to having barely anything run by electricity. I have lights, which probably are on for a couple of hours in the evening, max. The pumps to supply the house with water. I do have a laptop, but no internet, and this is the first time I have turned it on since I got here nearly a month ago. Other than that, I have:

A crockpot, which I use occasionally when the woodfire is not going. (once a fortnight?)

A charger for my mobile phone (once a fortnight?)

A charger for my camera batteries (once a fortnight?)

Some computer speakers that I hook up to my mp3 player occasionally to listen to music. (a few times a week)

That’s it. Nothing else electric in the whole place. Did I mention I’m looking forward to my electric bill?

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2 Responses to No Electricity

  1. Barb. says:

    So what was the power failure? Did it come on by itself later?

  2. faerietwofires says:

    Don’t know what it was, but it came back on the next day sometime. I don’t use electricity during the day really so didn’t notice exactly when.

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