Moving Day is here! (or was, and is gone now)


I planned to leave The Old House early morning, all packed up and well organised, so as to be at The New House before noon. This would give me the whole afternoon to clean the house a bit, unpack, find wood, cook a meal, settle the animals and so on.


 Of course, being me, I didn’t even roll out of town until sometime after noon so arrived at the New House around 3pm. It’s winter now, so dark well before 7pm, which left me say, 3 hours to unpack the van, settle the animals… and so on. This is how I went:


 Arrived safely without getting lost. Picked up the front door key (which supposedly didn’t even work) from the real estate folks on the way. I wanted to take a picture of the full van before I started to unload stuff but I couldn’t find my camera, inspiring a mini-panic that perhaps I had Left It Behind. Eventually I found it in the piles of stuff and snapped a picture of the remaining vanload.


The dog had already been unloaded. He just really really likes to be in the van.


Especially the driver’s seat.

 I just brought everything in and dumped it in the kitchen, which left me a neat pile of stuff to work with.



And from disorder I brought forth beauty!


Whole foods, matching jars in tidy rows… better than cake any day.

Which is lucky, because I never got around to making any muffins to bring with me, and in fact, did not bring any sugar or flour with me at all. Enforced Healthy Eating anyone? I highly recommend it. Except it might be not QUITE always better than cake, because in my spice jars in the last photo there, I dion’t have enough of the yellow lidded jars so there are the green lidded ones on the right. Which is OKAY, but not optimal, because really, ALL the jars need to be the same. That’s the dream folks. You can donate here to make it a reality. Changing the world, one matching jar at a time.

And let’s just have a close up of my tea set here… because my tea set is truly awesome.

 What’s that you say? It’s just a pile of mismatched crockery? Well yes, but it’s FREE mismatched crockery, and therefore is made of awesome. I just need a teacosy and some reusable cloth teabags and I will be perfectly sateasfied…. ha, see what I did there? I know you did. Don’t pretend.

And maybe that is enough pictures for one post?

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