Bits and pieces

 This was my bed for the first couple of weeks, just a mattress on the floor in the lounge-room by the fire. But sunflowers!! And such a handsome bed companion too.

And this is the only real casualty from the entire moving process – just a pair of glasses. Of course, they are my only remaining pair of expensive prescription glasses that I need to use a computer, but hey. I’ve done worse to them and they’ve survived.

I put the lens back in and yes, the crew was missing, but I wired it together anyway. Now the only thing wrong with them is the missing nose-support bit thing, which I suppose I will glue back on one day. Oh and since then that arm that is taped on there, has fallen off, which I will also fix one day. Porbably with more tape. Becuase I am handy like that.


And for everybody who was not satisifed with cake, this is a picture of my cats.


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