Moving Day Approaches! Uncertainly!

I found my house. My house found me. Love at first sight! We’re very happy together…

Well, we will be when I finally get there.  I take possession on Tuesday, just a few days away, and I was planning to load up my van with the essentials (including the animals) and head on down that day. Well! My van had other ideas, apparently, and is at the mechanic with a possible head gasket issue. Darn. Chances it will be back by Tuesday? Slim. Chances I might be able to get down there some other way? Slightly less slim. Even if I have to wait a couple of extra days (no! Noooo!)  I will get there eventually and the wait will be worth it. This is the view off my new back verandah

Yep. So worth it. But the sooner the better, in my impatient opinion :-P.

I have been slowly packing up my stuff ever since I began looking for a house, but since I actually found this one I have been packing with a bit more enthusiasm. What to take… what not to take… I don’t have to move everything at once (thank goodness) because DH (whose house I am moving out of) is happy to let me store stuff here indefinitely. This is awesome for two reasons. First, no killer moving marathon trying to get it all moved at once, and second – I get to really decide what I want to keep and build a minimalist cosy country home from scratch, which sounds MUCH easier than taking a full house of stuff and trying to pare it down to cosy essentials. I have already been decluttering my things for a year or so now which has really helped.


Things I Still Have To Do Before The Move

  • Finish making the latest batches of cat litter (post coming soon)
  • Mooch around the gardens of everyone I know to get spare vegetables to take 😛
  • Go shopping to stock up on pet food
  • Organise to pick up my cats (who have been living with my sister for the past 7 months)
  • Bake a triple batch of lemon muffins to keep me company on the cold lonely nights
  • Arrange somehow to get some tools from somewhere (so far I have 3 leads but nothing concrete… no actual tools in my packed-pile)
  • Finish deciding what to take
  • Finish packing
  • Buy stamps (!!!) so I can send Actual Mail to people

What’s that? I only have one more day before I was planning to move? I should have had this organised by now? Really? Hmm. I have two things to say to that.

Jolly Good Point!    and      Moving Right Along!

toooo…. another picture of my awesome new place.

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