Make a rollaway nest box

Step one: Obtain one of these boxes. Dog optional.

Step Two: Make a sketchy plan on some scrap paper. I did mine kind of fancy and involved-like. You don’t have to go to so much effort.  

Step Three: Try to prise the side staples out with the best breadknife you have. When that starts to look like it will take more than 30 seconds, give up and cut down the seam with the breadknife instead. Do the other side too.

Now you have this:

At this point I took a moment to consider giving up.

Thought some fancy tools might make the task easier and more fun so I found my cardboard clamp

and measuring device

and with a bit more cutting and some hearty application of duct tape, I had this

I took a break here, because seriously, making the hidey bit for the eggs out of cardboard seemed like kind of a stupidly ambitious plan at this point. So I had some soup. It had barley and split peas, and it was good.  I read about other people’s nextboxes, which all looked far far better inferior to my masterpiece.

The dog comes in handy here because he hates me sitting at the computer. I got tired of his stareful whining and went back to the nestbox, because it is easier to convince him that I am “busy” if I am physically doing something. Reading a book or a screen? No dice. He won’t buy it.

Anyway. With more cutting and duct tape I finally ended up with this. The chooks lay their eggs in the back part, whereupon the egg rolls down into the covered part. The whole thing will be on an angle in the pen to facilitate the rolling process. Once the egg is in the covered part it is safe from being squashed or eaten.

How do we get the eggs out without bending our arms at funny angles and sticking our whole head in there? Well.

Beats me.

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