Dog Toys from old Ties

Today I made a dog toy from some old ties. I have had the ties in my fabric stash for a very long time, because i couldn’t think of anything to do with them (that didn’t involve, you know, actual time consuming effort) and yet surely, ONE DAY, I could do SOMEthing with them.


Today was THAT DAY.

Last week I made the first tie dog toy for my boy Moose, out of three ties plaited together. it worked great, but was a little thin. Today i wanted to see if I could ramp up the action a bit for his more active siblings, so I took FIVE ties, braided them together and added in one of their existing Kong toys for added flavour.

Ta da!

And an action shot

So far it’s a huge hit! We’ll see how it stands up to more rigourous testing over the next few weeks and if it passes the test I will be making more of these. I also want to experiment with some denim ones because my fabric cupboard is also full of old jeans (because one day they will come in handy!)

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One Response to Dog Toys from old Ties

  1. Barb says:

    Cool idea. Looks like they will get a lot of fun from that.

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