Being Frugal

When I was younger I used to help my friends and aquaintances out by constantly offering practical lowcost solutions to their many problems, adding “It’s frugal AND environmentally friendly!” after each wonderful suggestion. I am still keen on things that are frugal and environmentally friendly but you know, I just don’t have those friends anymore for some reason.  That’s a puzzle I’m sure we’ll never solve.

When I finally move into my own house (soon!), I will be on a very limited income. This will be brilliant fun, because I can play the frugal game! The extreme version! Not only will I be running a house and supporting one person,

one dog  

and two cats

(well, okay, that is a photo of a cake, but I don’t have any of my cats so… high five!)

but I will also be attempting to save a goodly amount of money too. It’s definitely doable, but I have a feeling the journey will be fun!

More specific frugal posts to follow, of course.

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One Response to Being Frugal

  1. Barb says:

    Cat cake. love it! lol.


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